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I´m NONO, an award-winning director based in London.

In the last 4 years, I have directed music videos and commercials for brands such as Yamaha, Microsoft, Universal Music or Warner Bros. 

And I have worked with agencies like BBH London, TBWA GermanyOmelete LA or PONK Paris.

Some of my films have been awarded the Vimeo Staff Pick, the Gold British Media Award 2018 and the Gold Lovie Award 2017.

In my past life, I used to play with my band, Salvadores.

Always remember that 2 negatives mean positive: NO+NO=YES 

Drop me a line at ayuso.nono@gmail.com or get in touch with:

INTERNATIONAL Rep. | Gesas Management
petra@gesas.net • gesa@gesas.net 

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FRANCE  Rep. | Badass Films 

USA Rep.| Spark & Riot